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                    1) Solid international training - Currently attending in the Postgraduate Diploma program at the Cardiac Electrophysiology Institute of Australia - CEPIA (to graduate by August 2015); IBHRE certified AP/Pacing in 2008; 1080 hrs of intensive CRM training at Arrhythmia Technologies Institute (ATI); fully trained and certified by Biotronik and Boston Scientific; attended advanced CRM training in Berlin (Germany); continue education by attending industry scientific sessions and seminars, as well as yearly professional advanced sales training; completing online courses and webinars provided by industry manufacturers and international hospitals; pending CCI RCES and IBHRE AP/EP certifications; certified in arrhythmia monitoring and interpretation, nursing background.


                    2) Diverse International experience - I am flexible to relocate to any part of the USA and the world; I am willing to learn any language, I speak English, Italian, Bulgarian, some Arabic and Russian and can understand Serbian and Macedonian; I have international experience in the CRM and EP industry in Australia (worked in all major cities - Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth), where I've been the company representative during the most "first" implants of new unapproved (study) and approved devices/leads/accessories. I have worked in North Africa and have a very good understanding of the Islamic culture and traditions and wouldn't mind working in an Arab country; I have worked with many professionals from Asia and have a very good understanding of different Asian cultures and traditions and would love to relocate and work in an Asian country; trained by two of Guidant's top Sales Representatives and President's Club members - Alfred DeFuria (currently VP of Sales at Everest Enterprises) in New Jersey and Caesar Fonte (currently with Biotronik, owner of Western Medical) in Las Vegas, Nevada (CRT training); member of one of the top Boston Scientific's sales regions North New Jersey and learned from the best in highly competitive and dense populated area - achieved results and lessons learned; responsible for the region's daily schedule; volunteer coverage on weekends and holidays; covered very large clinics in timely manner; trained for heavy case load coverage; learned optimal time management and resource prioritizing; created a database with and responsible for the region's consigned non-implantable equipment for better tracking purposes. Covered alone very large territory in Central Texas for the first two years with Biotronik - from South of Dallas to North of San Antonio and made sales calls on a regular basis while training teammates Sales Representatives; even though based in Austin, I've covered cases and clinics on a very short notice in San Antonio and Corpus Christi driving daily from Austin; trained sales and clinical representatives and physician office staff in Austin and San Antonio; created patient and inventory databases for better tracking purposes; completed company training in the shortest time on record including an advanced EP program; volunteered weekend and holiday coverage; participated in clinical studies; responsible for the setup of all remote monitoring accounts in Austin as well as programmer software upgrades; provided physician education and support, demostrated company products, and created custom presentations to fit the individual needs of each customer; provided patient support and proud to call myself a patient advocate; attended EP/CRM scientific meetings and congresses in the USA and abroad on my expense.


                    3) Extensive computer literacy - networking and database; Microsoft Exchange Server; Microsoft Office Enterprise (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Publisher, OneNote, Outlook); Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe Photoshop; remote desktop; scanning and copy; digital media creation and maintenance; website design.

                    4) Employee training - developed method to train employees by implementing CRM case studies and clinical trials, advanced ECG and IEGM interpretation, company specific training materials and development of advanced sales and clinical skills; implant/extraction/revision training; device programming, follow up, and troubleshooting; create custom programs targeting individual's needs; emphasis on computer skills - electronic records, inventory management, setup and maintenance of remote monitoring site, field implementation of clinical study trials ensuring proper follow up of study protocols; computer-based training - compliance, inventory reconcile and tracking, software upgrades, expense reporting, implant records and patient tracking, reimbursement, product reporting and returns, webcasts, conference calls; develop strategies for steady business growth and define short-term objectives; establish an environment of respect, trust, and confidence; promote service excellence, accountability, and integrity; share knowledge and experience; utilize large personal EP/CRM library - textbooks, articles, presentations, EGMs, case studies, recorded cases and educational videos; mentor and establish trainees as role models in the industry. 


                    5) Physician education and support - identify physician groups to be targeted according to specific business objectives; introduce physicians to ongoing clinical trials sponsored by the company; discuss latest updates on studies, indications, and technology and relate the data to the company's line of products, therapies, and services; arrange for physicians to attend company organized and/or sponsored training, educational programs, and events; identify physician business needs and develop strategies for achieving mutual objectives and goals, provide support for EP fellows - targeted education and training, job search, etc.


                    6) Allied Professionals and customers education and support - establish an environment of comfort and trust with customers based on personal integrity and highest standards of patient care, customer service, and work ethic, thus developing long lasting and productive relationships; help customers become more efficient by utilizing remote monitoring technology - emphasize on the latest HRS/EHRA/AHA guidelines and standards of care; provide support to dedicated clinical NPs/RNs; organize office in-services on patient enrollment and education, as well as targeted education presentations, product and equipment education; ensure compliance with AdvaMed Code of Ethics and the company's Business Conduct policies.


                    7) Hospital access and policy training - smooth integration based on previous hospital experience; comply with hospital policies and HIPAA standards; comply with hospital access requirements; protect patient rights and privacy; identify and develop work relationships with key administrative staff; ensure aseptic sterile technique as well as compliance with specific lab procedures; organize targeted staff in-services; maintain company inventory accordingly - bulks, consignments, carts and equipment; programmers and accessories; follow up on POs and reimbursement.


                    8) Team support - seamless integration with the team based on previous industry experience; research team's Modus Operandi and area specific procedures; define short-term objectives while in training; ensure adequate territory coverage; create presentation slide sets for in-services; collect and organize case studies for training purposes; develop and maintain a local clinical database - implants and patients; develop and maintain a local database of consigned non-implantable inventory; promote service excellence, accountability and integrity; share knowledge and experience; establish an environment of respect, trust, and confidence; actively participate in regional activities (in a timely fashion) - sales calls, implant records, inventory counts, product returns, software upgrades, marketing literature and demo distribution, reimbursement issues, meetings and conference calls, webcasts, compliance and computer-based training, expense reporting, weekend and holiday territory coverage, product launches, employee training and mentoring, etc.


                    9) Corporate values - actively promote the company's product line, therapy, services, and business strategies; comply with business policies (including AdvaMed Code of Ethics), financial standards, legal obligations, training requirements; protect company property - intellectual, know-how, products and equipments, marketing materials; participate in corporate sponsored events - scientific sessions, congresses, conferences.


                  10) My 10 Work Ethic Principles

                              - EP/CRM industry - the key to this business is sound business relationships with positive attitude

                              - Fundamentals - when you can't see the choices you don't understand

                              - Cure - lies in the source of every illness

                              - Challenge - the ice on the lake of motion

                              - Achievement - related to standing out not fitting in

                              - Luck - when preparation meets opportunity

                              - Failure - a composition from which success is grown

                              - Success - the distance between insanity and genius

                              - History - remembers most what you did last

                              - Truth - it's like a gun - when it's loaded and in your face, what's the difference?


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