CRM Certification Study Materials

By Diana Conti

Austin (TX), USA

   While studying for the exam, I collected many study guides and review quizzes which I thought were very helpful. Problem is there's no one place online where you can get them all, instead I wasted valuable time searching everywhere. That's why I decided to post them all together in one place, so everyone can find them easily. If you happen to have something different than what you've found here, and if you don't mind sharing with everyone, please e-mail it to me and I'll add it to the website. I'll keep updating the files as long as I come across something new.
Clinical Science  
Indication, Pacing Codes & Modes Pacing Codes and Modes
Fundamentals of Cardiac Devices Diana's Notes
Cardiac Pacing and ICD Review Exam Review Demo - courtesy of ATI
ICD Electronics Study Guide
Strenght/Duration Curve Study Notes
Ashman Phenomenon Exam Notes
Chagas' Disease and Long QT Guaranteed to Pass
Radiology MDT Exam Quizzes
Case Studies Vol. 1- Pacemakers* Exam Practice - coming soon
Case Studies Vol. 2 - ICDs* CRM Clinical Trials
Case Studies Vol. 3 - TTMs*  
Case Studies Vol. 4 - Pacemakers and ICDs*  
Case Studies Vol. 5- Pacemakers* ATI Study Materials - from ATI's e-store
Case Studies Vol. 6 - ICDs*  
Case Studies Vol. 7 - Pacemakers - coming soon*  
12Lead ECG Basics - coming soon LV Lead Implant - Fluoroscopy Images - coming soon
  IEGMs - coming soon
Cardiotext - all the books you'd ever need  
  ACC/AHA - Indications Update (2012)

* These studies do not include an answer key. The goal is to help you develop knowledge based troubleshooting skills by paying attention to details, I apologize for the inconvenience. I've kept notes on all of them so if you have a paticular difficulty with a study, please feel free to e-mail me and I'll help you out with some clues.

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